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Speed breaker humps?

  • Hi guys sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this but I want to know what are those red and white striped speed humps at the end of sandy shores airfield drag strip? I'm using drag meets 2.2 and I also added an ymap (OG drag strip) and I noticed there are speed breakers at the end of the track wherein when you drive on them you get slowed down instantly.

    I've since removed the ymap because the ai drivers keep driving into walls on the way back or on the way to the starting line. My question is, even if i removed the ymap of OG drag strip, I still want the speed breakers to be there, but it comes with the ymap. I wanna know how to add them at the end of the track without using an ymap :|

    I know its a rookie question but I'm new to GTA V and modding. :D

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    Remove everything else except those from the ymap.

  • @QBit07 how do i remove such things? What I did was i downloaded the mod here in gta 5 mods, then placed the ymap file where the instructions told me to. To remove it, i just deleted it. O_O

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    @Shieldsver Pretty sure it can be edited like a text file.

  • @QBit07 Hmm as I read through the file through notepad, I think the thing i want can be spawned using object spooner through menyoo. But idk what the exact name is (prop_xxx_xx_xx) :'(

    Is it possible for me to send a screenshot of the thing i want?


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    @Shieldsver stt_prop_track_slowdown
    Codewalker can open ymaps. For this one DLC needs to be enabled to see all the objects.

  • @QBit07 can I just say how helpful you've been just by naming that prop? Thank you man!!!! I saw one of your posts regarding the add on cars' spawn names. Why is no one replying there >:(

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    @Shieldsver I don't know but it doesn't matter anymore. I decided that the vanilla cars are good enough. I might keep a couple addons though.

  • I've recently had a game crash during the intro of rockstar games but I fixed it now. I posted a topic about it in installation and help category. Hope it helps someone. A mod i installed ruined my whole game directory, and it was just a mansion mod, the waterfallmansion. But hey man add me up in social club maybe we can play online sometime :)

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    @Shieldsver I don't play online games. Sorry.

  • @QBit07 You got some good mods to refer? Im playing with redux and I enjoy drag meets

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    Not really, featured mods are usually pretty good. Redux not so much. The author stole assets from many other mods.

  • @QBit07 yeah i read about that in some thread. I saw people defending them saying they never stated that they owned the content O_O

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