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About some indoor pool/jacuzzi stuff

  • So hi guys.

    The thing is; i am curious, if there is any posibility to make jacuzzi in some interior. I mean, we can use yacht as mode, with jacuzzi but i want indoor jacuzzi. So look - we can teleport to some apartmens with menyoo or other trainers. I am curious if there is any posibility, to make in these interiors jacuzzi or swimming pool somehow.

    For example, how Michael near his house, has that jacuzzi. With those objects. To make that hole or whatever and water into. Is there any chance how to make it? I know, that some guys made huge mansions with indoor pool, but the problem is, when is raining, rain is going through that roof.

    I am not sure, if this is the right place to ask this kind of question, so sorry.

    this is best example, how i can imagine that.

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