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Game crashing and glitching on rockstar opening

  • Hi guys,

    I'm relatively new to GTA V and modding but I just want to share something if it would help anyone.

    I've installed a lot of mods, one after the other. Sometimes I think too much mods causes game crashes (obviously)

    But there came a time when I've installed a mod (i don't remember which) that made my game crash during the rockstar intro. It would cause the police siren to glitch and play an infinite loop over and over again and then just gives the error GTA V is not responding.

    I saw some fixes online, namely the settings file in documents/rockstar games/gta v/settings, you had to change DX=2 to DX=1. But that didn't work for me.

    I even cleaned my folder of ALL MODS, and made my gta folder to be clean as possible, and i even verified game files with steam, but none of them worked.

    What worked for me was I uninstalled rockstar launcher and social club. Download it again from rockstar website, and if you launch gta through steam, the launcher will update.

    Alas, my game is now working. Yes, I used the 1.0.1868.1 version of the GTAV.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe to launch and see if it works. I'll just start modding again from scratch, and of course i'll be using a downgraded version of GTA for my mods to work until we get an update for ScriptHookV from Alexander Blade.


    Hope this helps anyone, and I hope I posted this in the right section of the forum.

    Thanks to the moderators and to everyone!

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