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Skin Controll, glitchy dots on mp models?

  • I get dots on my online character and on the mp models in campaign??
    Please help me.

  • Use Menyoo. It's less of a pain in the ass, but if used enough times Menyoo will start taxing you on most data. Shouldn't be too bad with MP freemode models. Just a recommendation. I can't help you with your problem, but I found a potential cure.


    The reason why I'm saying use Menyoo is because this was built by a more experienced scripter, so problems are less likely to occur (don't activate anything like Rainbow Car mode in Menyoo. This is 1 of many Menyoo features not to touch. Basically it causes Menyoo to crash because the game can't handle it too well so you have to turn off Rainbow Car mode through the trainer's files. (I think it was Menyoo.ini. Someone else may be able to explain it better.)

    I haven't used Skin Control before, but I've seen it, and it looks like a mess, honestly. So I went with Menyoo for my custom character building needs. Use what you want, I don't care, but I'm just making an offer. Besides, Skin Control hasn't been updated since August 2015, so yeah, you're better off with Menyoo.

  • @Frazzlee said in Skin Controll, glitchy dots on mp models?:

    @krashadam what do you mean "but if used enough times Menyoo will start taxing you on most data" and rainbow mode works fine for me and rainbow mode is toggleable in the actual menu....

    My experience was different from yours. I just assumed this happened for everybody.

    I found that when I spawned a lot of objects and cars and peds and whatever, that my game would crash. And yes, I know it can be toggled in the actual menu. I was just explaining my first experience with Menyoo. Menyoo.asi crashed and I couldn't use Menyoo if I entered a car because it would crash, so I had to turn it off in the .ini files. (Whichever one it could've been)

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