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Bmw E90 LCI (Facelift) SEDAN

  • Hi guys,

    I have this mod from gta4...I got it a while back from a russian gta mod website. I was wondering if anyone here is interested in converting it for gta5.

    I'd love this in a civilian version without the police lights and decals and with the radio antenna replaced with the sharkfin version.

    I would do this myself as Iam a professional 3d modeler but the tutorials for gta vehicles I found for this are in french and the information is incomplete so I'm kinda stuck.

    I'd like to give credit to the guy who made this for gta4 but I can't find the source anymore. This has been sitting on my machine for a very long time.

    If anyone is up for the challenge please let me know!

    Here are some screensshots:


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