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Menyoo bug

  • Hello everyone. I have a bug in Menyoo that when I choose any option, it spawns the tank. If I choose to change the character, the spawna tank, if I choose settings, the spawna tank. As soon as I press F8 and open Menyoo, that preview image of the vehicle appears next to it. Does anyone know how to fix it? GTA, Menyoo and Script Hook are all updated.

    Olá a todos. Estou com um bug no Menyoo que quando escolho qualquer opção, ele spawna o tanque. Se eu escolher mudar o personagem, o tanque spawna, se eu escolher configurações, o tanque spawna. Assim que eu aperto F8 e abra o Menyoo, aparece ao lado aquela imagem preview do veículo. Alguém sabe como consertar? GTA, Menyoo e Script Hook estão todos atualizados.

  • did they upddate the script hook cuz i cant even play with mods rn

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    @AleisterDH I had a similar experience with Addon Vehicle Spawner. I don't remember how I fixed it but I think it was a conflict with another mod.

    @Cameron__username Yes, it's been updated.

  • @QBit07, thank you for your help. I went to check all my mods and that was it.
    The problem was in the "Add-On Vehicle Spawner" mod, but it is very simple to solve, just disable the "Categorize by make" option within the mod itself in the game.

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