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How do I make a mod to put online features into singe player

  • Hello all, I couldn't help notice the amazing biker dlc. Unfortunately all its features are online. I don't want to grind for hours on end just to get to the good stuff. I have a life after all. Personal stuff aside, I was wondering how to make a mod that will allow the player to purchase the clubhouses and illegal businesses from the open road website and make money from them. I know its asking a lot but if someone could show me how to do it, it would me much appreciated

  • As of right now, there is no mod that brings the Bikers DLC into Singleplayer.
    You could make a request for it in the Requests section. But, I wouldn't get my hopes up, since it's such a huge task.

    Also, here's a little personal advice: If you're looking for help with something from a community - who is completely centered around one game - you'll improve your chances of getting that help by avoiding remarks such "I have a life after all." that could potentially put people off.

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