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Texture problems !!

  • Hey guys thanks for all the modders guys who make great game to pro game !
    i have a problem big one , i have texture problem when i swaping cars and save with persistance-mod
    and then my texture begin to lost example some building some streets you know...
    after i deleted them , the texture is fine !!
    i have 8 ram with 1050 GTX TI
    Help guys tell what i do ?

  • @Yaci96
    See here, & here :thumbsup:

  • Yes I find the way that i must do to convert 4k to 2k
    But man i have dlc pack 956 cars 😅 with replacement
    So do you have any good dlc car pack or something that help me with or to upgrade my ram to 16g

  • @Yaci96
    Upgrading RAM won't do any good here. You would still have the same problem even if you had 128GB installed.
    I don't know of any good dlc packs. I avoid them like the plague & prefer to create what I need myself, so I know it is stable & well optimised :thumbsup:.

    You're only choice is to get stuck in & reduce the textures manually (if you want to keep those cars) :thumbsup:

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