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how to replace correctly TAILGATER?

  • every time I try to replace Michael's car, something is wrong.When I spawn it , looks good, but when I'm on a mission involving his car, the elements of the car are randomly placed. I also replace vehicles.meta but still nothing ...please help1

  • @kyduletz make sure to replace or tunr of tuning parts. Not every car is mean to replace this exact car and even if it is it don't have to be always 100% and for missions, you need 100% car which was modeled on tailgater basement so it is in the same high, same place, same parts etc :shrug_tone3:

  • yes, I found the problem. Indeed, Michael's car was probably tuned by me at the beginning of the game. I also replaced carcols.ymt and then everything was ok

  • @kyduletz How did you replace? Im having the same problem with the tuned parts. Can you send me the files you have used to replace? Have you more than on car? More options? Thanks!

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