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Add on weapons issue

  • I am using an add on weapon pack but when equipping weapons that are part of say... the pistol slot, it seems you can only hold 18 pistols in the slot, and I have 18 (all of the pistols available, mk2s and whatnot), so when I equip the add ons, it removes the last few pistols equipped in the list and then adds the add ons in, so is there a way I can edit the limit of pistols I can use? Other weapon slots may have this issue too but I do not know or tested those yet. This may be just me looking over it and it is not actually an issue, but if it is true, why would rockstar add limitations to how many weapons for a slot that you can use? What is the point of that?

  • To add to the above, I have tried saving the add ons into a menyoo loadout which I can then apply again. Applied it but no add on weapons were shown. Anyone know why and if the 2 issues are related? Are the add ons not registered as weapons? Anyone know what the issue is and how to solve it possibly? Edit: Can anyone confirm this with ANY add on weapons mod or is this just the current one I am using Do all weapons mods have this issue?

    Edit: The weapons mod dlc.rpf seems to have a weapons.meta in it, but has no edits to the update.rpf main weapons.meta, could this be related to the issue and can anyone confirm this with any other add on mod? Is it possible to merge the 2 files and then they will function properly, or will I only need to copy certain lines of it?

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