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FATAL: directx texture\Grand Theft Auto V\LefixSpeedo/Brands\ Empty.png creation failed

  • Hello everyone, I ran into a problem that I can't solve, I don't know how to do it that would earn this mod ( (BMW X6M F16 Breitbau [Add-On | Tuning] [OIV] 1.4), downloaded the mod, installed everything according to the instructions, launched Gta 5, found this mod, I appeared in the car, and after a few seconds just closes Gta, error : FATAL: directx texture\Grand Theft Auto V\LefixSpeedo/Brands\ Empty.PNG creation failed. Help solve this problem, I will be very grateful



    That vehicle mod doesn't have to do anything with the speedometer not being able to load a texture.

    There's a Brands.old folder with Empty.png. Copy it over to Brands. I recently fixed the missing image in the archive, so this shouldn't happen any more for new downloads.

  • Всё заработало, спасибо большое.

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