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Airforce Callouts Mod

  • I'd like to create a mod for LSPDFR using pre existing assets (I won't be creating my own models or anything, simply using pre-existing ones as a part of the mod). The premise of the mod is simple, and I think I could pull it off considering that I've been installing and using mods in GTA V for almost 3 years.

    Basically, its a callout mod (like coastal callouts), but centered around flying jets out of Fort Zancudo. There are training callouts for formation flying, aerial refueling drills, etc., also callouts where you intercept a plane or something, maybe a dialogue with the pilot of the plane you are intercepting. Maybe even a callout or two with proper dogfighting with enemy fighters.

    So my question is this; it doesn't seem to hard to pull this off considering that a lot of this stuff ^^ is in the base game so to speak, and there are a lot of nice addon models. How would I write a script for this mod, how do I create a mod like this? I want to learn how to do this, and I think a lot of people would enjoy playing it. Can I get some help?

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