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Link for LibertyV

  • I didn't get the chance to download it but now that I've heard that its probably better than Liberty Rewind, I really wanna have it. I'd really appreciate a link

  • Second this! Came back to GTA V a few days ago, and I'm very sad I missed it.
    Yeah, sure, the removal probably had to do with legal stuff, copyrights. C*ckstar loves to be a pain in the arse... but either way, I think getting a link via PM would not be a problem, would it? It'd be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. I did some searching on Google and found "LibertyV" "Liberty Rewind" and "Liberty Remix", and that EncryptedReality dude seems to have 4-5 different profiles (Woggy Design, GTARandom, etc.) so I'm super confused at this point. :|
    Is "Liberty Remix" is like an updated version of "Liberty Rewind" or what? Can someone enlighten me about what's going on with that mod?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Liberty Remix from I read in the description was made by a Discord server by the author CJ and many more. They were taken down by Take Two. It was just someone else who decided to put in in GTAInside I think but credited them, but it's the same thing as Liberty Rewind.

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