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Launcher updates, blows away dlclist every time I load with add-on vehicles

  • So I got away from GTA V for a couple years and recently decided to get back into it. Did a fresh install, updated to the latest versions with the new DLCs, played around until I'd unlocked Trevor, then bumped out and added my favorite mods. Latest Scripthook, Menyoo, all that jazz; everything was fine. Went back the following day and added in all my collection of downloaded vehicles, modified the dlclist.xml, just as I'd when I was playing a few years ago, no problem. That is untl I went to launch the game. The launcher immediately goes into "Processing", and then "Updating". I thought, "WTF is this?". Get into the game, and no added vehicles. Bumped out, checked the dlclist.xml, and it had reset; none of the new added vehicles were listed. Went through the process again, but when the launcher went to update again I closed it out, checked the dlclist.xml, and it was completely blank. Allowed it to update, checked the dlclist.xml, and it had reset again. After doing this five times now, I turn to you for help. Has the process changed? Am I doing something wrong now? Is there a way to prevent the launcher from checking and resetting the dlclist.xml file? Your advice and expertise would be greatly appreciated, as I miss my add-on vehicles.

  • Still looking for help. I'm guessing either I'm the only one, or no one uses the R* launcher...

  • @WGotch07 's response is right. Are you using a mods folder or not?

  • No 'Mods' folder. I'm dropping them into 'Update/x64/dlcpacks' Just as I'd done before, without issue.

  • @Valag well you're better of using a mods folder man. Trust me. When something goes wrong its easy to delete it and start a fresh new mods folder to rule out errors.

  • Banned

    @Valag Also, when a file gets screwed a mods folder makes it's very easy to replace the file with an unmodified vanilla file.

  • I find it hard to comprehend why you won't use a "mods" folder for modding. Modding in your original files with having no issues is not an excuse. :|

  • I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the input, everyone.

  • "without issue" Might want to rethink that and use a mods folder.

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