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Editing a vehicle name

  • Hello all,

    Where can the names of vehicles be edited inside the GTA database? What would be the quickest way of doing this?

    I have recently replaced the ‘ruiner 3’ with a custom vehicle and simply want to give it the correct name

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated as always

    Stay safe

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    Edit vehicles.meta. Change gameName.

  • @QBit07 thanks for the response

    Where is the meta file located?

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    It appears that ruiner3 is a prop of a smashed Ruiner.

    Are you sure that's the vehicle you replaced?

    On GTA Wiki I only see two Ruiners, ruiner and ruiner2.


  • Changing the gameName won't do anything unless you edit the GXT2 file. Go to the car's DLC folder, x64, data, lang, and go into the language's rpf you want to change. Right-click and export global.gxt2 to your desktop. Then edit it, find the line with ruiner3, and change the name after "=" to whatever you want. Then drag that file back into the language rpf. You can repeat this for other languages if you want. You can also change the car's brand name if you want me to explain more.

    The Ruiner 3 file is in import/export.

  • @Viccracenvy Thank you for this fantastic response, I will have a go at editing the relevant file 👍 Really appreciate the advice

    To the previous poster - the Ruiner 3 is actually a usable vehicle which can be spawned using a trainer (It is indeed the wrecked ruiner, I believe Rockstar blacklisted the vehicle some time ago)

  • @Viccracenvy

    What import/export folder specifically? Searching using OpenIV shows that there are multiple folders


  • @MikeAlex88 Go to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/mpimportexport.

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    @Viccracenvy Blue highlighted entries in search are always in the mods folder.

  • @QBit07 OpenIV sometimes sets the search feature to game folder only, thus no blue entries.

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