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Boneworks style VR mod?

  • Hello there.

    There's this VR game called Boneworks that utilizes an active ragdoll system (similar to R*'s use of Euphoria in their games) for both the player and enemies. Naturally, that combined with the arsenal the game provides the player is simply put insanely fun.

    People have done amazing things with this game, namely make the player feel like a John Wick, an Iko Iwais and/or a Scott Adkins. Climbing mechanics are also a plus.

    Something like that combined with LukeRoss00's mod for GTA V would be a dream come true imho, though I do understand that it is most probably unfeasible to make as a mod.

    Hopefully i'm wrong and some genius finds a way to execute this idea. Hopefully it'll be a fun challenge if someone were to attempt such a mod. Only time will tell at this point.

    I mean someone made a VR mod for Garry's Mod after all.


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