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Cutscenes camera views ?

  • So after we've seen Duggy to make cineamtic videos from missions and by some magic he was able to change camera views during cutscenes,

    is another guy who get some more camera views during cutscenes. Just still wondering how, tryed hours of different options to find the way how, but still have no idea :thinking:

  • Have you tried Aikido Free Cam? Haven't personally tested it, but the out of bounds videos that actually have links in the description lead to this.

  • @Viccracenvy I tryed it now and there is same problem as with script for photos by jedijosh920 and that is, it's made for photos so you can't move and play during freecam, that mean you can't let game continue if you have do something like pickup phone in this mission for example. Aswell another example why it is not what he used is that during explosion it cancel freecam and force cutscene cam for explosion :shrug_tone3: it look for me like some preset where he put the cameras before that scenes started or something like that :thinking:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ArmaniAdnr I think that he played the mission and used the freecam seperately, then combined the recordings in a single video.

  • @Viccracenvy I'm sure that it's combination of more shoots but still with this free cam you can't get some of them as I mentioned example is that first explosion. If you pull out phone, make a call and fastly go with freecam to the vault scene, once explosion start it cancel your explosion. And he had aswell camera view from inside of vault during explosion

  • Ah, I see. So the cutscene forces the camera to go to the intended location.

    Going deeper into 5mods, there's a cutscene camera remover.

    Although, the downside is that you can't use Rockstar recorder if you've been using that.
    There's not a lot else to go on.

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