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[MISC] GTA 5 emissive effect downgrade mod (BIKER DLC Patch)

  • Hey Modders,

    The emissive light fade and alpha effect was extreemly decreased with the new Biker DLC.
    If someone can find the file that was edit by Rockstar Games, please upload the correct file version of any patch before the Biker one, just like the Stunts DLC.

    Alot of Mods get messed up with this new change and every mod would appriciate that


  • Increasing the emissive bits values inside the visualsettings.dat file is just a temporary fix but nothing that give us the old state of settings back. Any interest?

  • thats why people sometimes call rockstar - "cockstar". For such updates

  • @Gta5KoRn The most moves like that coming from TakeTwo, not Rockstar Games!

  • any update on this? really pisses me off, graphics look downgraded after bikers dlc

  • @johana Yea, editing the visualfx.dat is a alternative fix for this, but its not the same. We have to wait to the upcoming import/export dlc, hope they fix emissive_multiplier

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman my suspicion is with red dead, when I saw the trailer I thought it looked exactly like a better gta 5 on pc maxed out, I'm thinking it's a marketing move of sorts to induce the visual effect of a better game. If that's the case, I don't expect them to fix it anytime soon, take a look at the import/export dlc screenshots they posted, looks more or less like bikers.

  • @johana I can't see any light emissive effect on the screenshot. It was taken at daytime

  • new update is out, anything changed?

  • @johana Nope :( :( :(

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman Check the Screenshot Thread. Me, Akila_Reigns and a few others are using a visualsettings.dat I modified so it looks a lot better:
    alt text

  • @Kwebbl Link for visualsettings file ?

  • @Sh3nZeR It's based on VisualV. I can’t upload it.

  • @Kwebbl This looks like too much!
    This is not original settings style. Any emissive config of car mods will not like it should

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman yeah and it's not the only thing downgraded, the effect that makes the ground "pop" look believable has been either turned down or off (I don't know what the thing is called) this is before bikers/import export:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    take a look at the asphalt, the way it pops as a 3d, the red pavement in the proto picture, you can see the little crevisces as a 3d object, look at the holes in the sand in front of the tropos in the third picture, you can clearly see them as a 3d object, a belieavble thing, the way the asphalt pops. Effects like these are now downgraaded to the point of where I think they are gone.

  • @johana some before and after shots (those are just before) would would be useful.

  • @Think_Tank Are talking about the displacement maps of the sand shader?

    here as you can see in this game, at 4m 25 second.
    displacement map with normal map combined

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman I mean before and after the downgrade.

  • I create my own setting by comparing the setting with my pics (Before downgrade) of my car with new pics of my visualfx edit. But now it looks shit on all vanilla cars :(

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman what game files are responsible for this change? I downloaded a pirate copy of gta 5 launch version and will try to transfer the files over to the latest one.

  • @johana my friend GTA5KoRn already tried this way. Its not possible. The main settings must be change inside the gta5 exe file. Anything else are the shaders folder inside the update.rpf which aren't was changed. And the visualfx.dat that only can multiply the settings above the main tolerance which is set in the exe file (Or someone else but noone found anything else)
    So Idk what are about the new shaders which for ex. the tron bikes have. These are seems to have new shaders which are also something have like emissiveMultiplier. Maybe we can update our car mods with that to give the old effect back. But this will not change the fact, that the main vanilla cars of GTA 5 looks now more light shit with this downgrade. Some cars like the ingot shows it pretty well what the downgrade does the game. I think TakeTwo or R* do that because the fact that every new dlc we add, decrease the perfomence of GTA 5. Thats why so many people can say that the first version of GTA V on PC run much smoother then the after coming updates we have today. Thats why we have to increase our memory use values in our gameconfig.xml which R* also increase on every new dlc. There is a clearly logic fail in the development of GTA V. The engine can't handle this. Hope this is a lession for GTA 6

    I remember that GTA V get's an ugly texture downgrade on oldgen to improve the performence which let your friends character emblem on GTA Online looks so much pixelated than ever it was on oldgen.

    I think we should pack all GTA V dlcs into one big dlc and that, i think, will do alot to the performence. But how can R* do that? Impossible! Because its already like it is on any noob computer!

    Someone here on 5mods tell me that his friend working on a fix, but he not looks like he would really fix the setting in the exe files or anything.
    GTA5KoRn also reports this issue to R*. The support replied with stupid reinstall stuff and so on. Then he ask via email but get no reply.

    I think its needs more hype! We ALL need a petition to get the attention from R*! Lets try to focus on this

  • I agree, also I made a few screenshots comparing the two.
    alt text
    alt text

    First pic from left to right is the latest version vs launch version, even with the stupid ammounts of compression paint and imgur combined the difference between the two is clear, the launch version is much better. Also about the 2nd picture I want you to tell me which one you think looks better and why (difference is subtle). Maximize both pictures for better fidelity. This definitely needs more hype, this is not a case of some minor downgrade, everything in the game is affected by this shared modification, cars, roads, it's pretty bad, was bad as the lod downgrade on ps4/xbox one back with 1.08 patch

  • @johana The right car pic looks better. But the second pic? Where is the difference than the camera position? Sorry, i don't see it

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman my bad, I was pretty nackered when I did those screenshots, I wanted to show that the shader change r* did with the bikers update affected more than just the car lights. I'll do some more screenshots and come back. I played gta 5 on ps4 for a bit recently and I was surprised to find that the ps4 version doesn't have the emissive light problem on cars and environment that the PC version has(it was downgraded aswell but no to the extreme extent of the PC version). It seems to me that r* always took the piss with the PC version of gtas, gta 3, gta vc, gta sa were all inferior on PC compared to the consoles, the glued fingers in gta 3, missing weapons and shit in vc, different timecycle and lack of some visual effects in sa (check vadim m on youtube, he has some great comparison videos between all), then you got gta 4 with the terrible optimization and not to mention the lack of PC version of red dead, gta lcs, vcs and now with gta 5 and this fuckin thing

  • I wanna push this topic, because R* hasn't fix it yet! We need more people for the research of that kind of downgrade

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