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How to prevent pop ups and crashes without deleting mods?(How to make GTA more RAM Addicted?)

  • Hey everybody,welcome to today's episode of ''World's Biggest Anger Sources Season V:Maintaining a Modded GTA''

    So the problems I experienced for 2 days are, that I experience crashes(not so much since I started to use the good 'ol F7YO's gameconfig,props to him)and the last but not least,textures popping up and not appearing in time.Okay my GTA is not a vanilla one and I Installed sh*t ton of mods,Including but not limited to:
    -L.A Roads
    -NVR(Without VisualV,It was lagging like there is no tomorrow with it)
    -Redux 1K replace car pack(It's an EMF Folder,so It doesn't touch the original files,but replacing the in game models with some kind of priority it has,I guess)
    -And a 120-130 ish car pack(named originally as 0000gamrev,comes with various gamepacks but I only use this)

    So these were the all mods that have Independent dlcpacks,but I got some other rpf and script mods as well.
    And I edited popgroups,so most of the cars spawn in the traffic,instead of vanilla vehicles.
    As I looked into my task manager,I saw that GTA was using a maximum of 3.7 GB ,of 16GB!
    And after seeing this,my thought is that the problem could be occuring because of this situation.
    So my real question is,what should I do,so GTA go past through this anorexia and finally use more of the RAM,therefore giving the player(me)a continuous,good experience?

    I think you guys/gals have some solutions,thanks in advance :)

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    @gamerpro023 World of Variety also installs a gameconfig. The installer will overwrite any that's already present in your mods folder. According to one of the author's it's better.

    Do you also have packfile limit adjuster and csenariopoint-patch? I know that WoV requires the latter.

    I realize that these don't help with the issue you are having. Just some friendly advice, I suppose.

  • @QBit07 I had cscenario but It makes some scripts stop working I suppose,I have the adjustable headadjuster(comes with .ini, by dillapidated)and packfile,they are set 1950 and 9000,respectively and I have much less crashes with F7YO than the WoV.

  • Cscenario Patch is outdated, and since WOV somewhat relies on it, it's a bit problematic. Try installing Dilapidated's gameconfig, which clears a fair share of bugs. The car pack is what's causing ram usage.

    I, unfortunately, might have to tell you that removing WOV will most likely remove the crashes.

  • WoV has a crazy bug that makes bystanders look like birds/flamingos. :|

    Although I liked WoV with lively world, WoV just screws some things up. Idk what specifically, but it does.

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    I've had no problems with WoV.

  • @QBit07 Idk why but i mostly see them in sandy shores airstrip/drag strip. If you would notice beside the hangar, there are people on top of the trailer, looking like flamingos pecking on the ground ._.

  • @Shieldsver Yeah,I also have them,They are like some cursed flamingos and I randomly see some jet fighter pilot.Crashes are very few now,I set pagefile to 6gb and I guess It helped with the game,because I Installed liberty city now,and It got a decent amount of traffic(with real cars),and It didnt crashed(sorry,crashed but after some painful 25 minutes in Liberty City with thew fps roaming around 13 18 fps in the crowded areas on around the central park and times square),I experience rare pop ups,after entering city(that could because the map doesnt got LODs)and I experience 10 15 fps which is nearly unplayable when driving and just a slideshow in combat I guess.

  • @Viccracenvy I think the only problem It caused me are some minor bugs,like Shielsver said,Some flamingo like peds in sandy shores(so I save them from their agony,by killing them and they back to their normal shape,except without a soul and with a blown brain :D) some fighter pilot peds randomly appear and shoot me when I cause trouble or there is a gang war or In my save,walking a few meters and stand near a house,near Franklin's new crib.

  • @gamerpro023 Its annoying isn't it LOL

    I've seen the features of WoV in redux's gameplay change. Why don't you try removing WoV? Lively world works even without wov and Its a good substitute IMO...

  • @Shieldsver Idk man,I might try,I Installed it majorly for its popgroups anyway,but now Im afraid It could have some mutual files with my other mods.Maybe you could know it

    My rpf mods that could have mutual files with WoV are:
    -LA Roads
    Oh also,I didnt properly Installed the Liberty City because Common.rpf was used by another mod but I don't know which(I will figure it)But Its probably NVR,so If I Install nvr again there wont be any crash,right?

    EDIT:OH Snap,There is no uninstaller for WoV.And I realized that LA ROads doesnt replace any in game files,but Its an addon version.

  • @gamerpro023 If you rename WOV.oiv to zip and extract it, you can see the whole list of files WOV replaces---if you're willing to replace it manually.

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    @Viccracenvy Telling WIndows that you want to use an archive manager to open .oiv files by default also works. No changing extensions. I do this with 7zip.

  • @gamerpro023 Hmm, I would suggest making a new mods folder. But use the dlcpacks folder from your old mods folder so you wouldn't have to copy 40gb worth of dlcpacks. Just cut and paste it and then you can start from scratch with your mods folder. Remember to backup dlclist! Doing so would avoid any further crashes if you wish to remove wov properly :) I hope this helps..

  • @Viccracenvy I open wov with winrar,looked inside but there were soo many files inside,I wont delete wov but try something else.

    EDIT:I decided to delete Liberty City,It was good but It was too laggy and also not yet felt like a proper game and most Importantly It make my game pop up way too much.So when I want a proper,dark city vibe I will open GTA 4 and play it.Whats the best version of GTA IV to mod?

  • @gamerpro023 Has much more compatible mods than

  • The most mods are in Patch and it does run better

  • Okay guys I did a bit of googling and so many people say for modding and performance(don't know why I didnt do it in the first place)So I will try patch some time

    @Viccracenvy I deleted the replace car pack but still want to see real cars in the traffic,so I downloaded some addon packs but didnt put em in traffic yet.But I will choose them one by one.Is there any tips you recommend?Like the size,the quality,etc. I don't know If they got LOD or not,Is there anyway to understand it in game?

  • @gamerpro023 Nothing much. Be sure that if you download too many cars and start seeing graphical glitches, crashes, etc, use a different game config.

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