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Moving from ScriptHookV_dotNet to multiplayer

  • Hi,

    New to all of this and first post, so first of all thanks for reading and let me know if something isn't clear.
    I made a first mod. Wrote it in C# and load it through ScripthookV_dotnet. Everything works great. I showed this to friends and we now would like to play multiplayer with this mod. What is the easiest way for me to make this happen? I first tried FiveM, but it seems Scripthook_net is blacklisted and there is no way around that. I am now onto Rage. Super confused by all the instructions.
    If it where you, how would you do it? Which of those multiplayer clients would you use? Do I need to compile my script (ok, if so)? Can I stick with scripthook, or do I need to rewrite my entire code to work specifically for the multiplayer client i am using?



    Yeah, you'll need to rewrite it for the client.

    If you prototyped something in C#/VB, it shouldn't be too hard to convert to a server-side script in lua or something, for FiveM.

  • @ikt Thanks for the info. Does it have to be lua, or can it be C#, but using the fiveM API? My mod actually interacts with some custom external software via a mailslot. Barely managed to make this work in C#, would hate to have to figure all of that out in another language.
    Also, just for my understanding: It seems NativeTrainer works both in the regular game and fiveM. How does that work?
    Thanks for the help, again.


    Unsure about FiveM, try asking their forums/Discord. I haven't done any FiveM scripting myself.

    As for .asi stuff working in FiveM: Some servers allow running user-side scripts and FiveM can load .asi scripts, but many servers have turned it off - since it also enables trainers/cheating.

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