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[SCRIPT] [WIP] Another Multiplayer Mod BUT THIS TIME...

  • Hey modding community I am a developer i know that obvious but actually it depends... like the title told ya i'm working on a multiplayer mod for gta v
    some of gonna ask me why cz there's already FiveM and RageMP
    The answer is:

    • First this is a lightweight modification built on top of :
      • ScriptHookV .NET
      • NetCodeIO .NET
      • ReliableIO .NET
      • NativeUI
    • I'll not limit the Mod Use that means it gonna work on any copy of the game. i'm not violating R* rights cz this mod is a single player modification. its like spawning peds in the offline mod and controlling them over the network I am and i will not use anything related to the online code of the game itself :smiley_cat:

    The Modification gonna be activated inside the game for the first releases maybe gonna add an external app in the future for the developers the server gonna be a console app the language will be u guessed it C# cz everything is built on top of the .NET Framework

  • Sry that already exists. GTA-Network Mod or enhanced GTA-Coop.

  • that would be amazing


    All for more competition, though I doubt it'll rival FiveM's infra.

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