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Some content from the Batman Arkham Knight game for modding purposes | Hi & Bye

  • Hey everyone,

    Been a while since I've been on here, looking back it was a fun time for me.
    Keeping it short and sweet I've become busy with me career hence why I no longer mod.

    I did however find this wee file that I held quite close to my modding heart hoping to one day contribute to a GTA V Batman Arkham Knight mod. The mod never gained much traction with my scripting friends who were busy with much bigger and better mods.

    It's not much but I thought why delete it, you've spent alot of time on these, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

    Contains extracted soundtracks, fight sfx, radio chatter, voice packs, misc. sfx from the Batman Arkham Knight game.

    If you have half a brain you'll know what mods to use these with, or create your own.

    Hope some of me old modding mates see this, if not, enjoy this bit of gold will ya.

    Spud, from New Zealand


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