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Game сhrashes after 15-20 minutes! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  • Hi gyus! My gta 5 chrashes and freezes after 15-20 minutes of the game, regardless of the game scenario, car or other action....(( This is only happened with mods! When I rename the mods folder (thereby disabling them) the game work stability..Now, I'm playing hacked version (1.0.868.0), but I play the steam version, I had analogue problem with mods on 1.0.868 game version. How to fix it?? I didn't have error and other, game chrashes and shoot out and all.
    P.S. At the 4 years ago, I played at the hacked version 1.1180.2 and never had this problem!!!
    Help me please, I'm very worried....

  • If your mods folder is causing crashes, then it's kind of obvious that one of your mods is causing the crashes.

    And do you mean cracked version?

  • @Fiesta95 Remove update.rpf, x64 folder, update folder from your mods folder. Folder by Folder till you narrow it down to the file that making your game crash. Check all the patchday folders.

  • @Fiesta95 I repeat that there was a similar problem on licensed Steam version 1.0.868.0. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pirated version or a license. On version 1.0.1180.2 such problems were not observed.

  • @flying_bulletzzz this is method doesn't help me...


    We do not give support to pirated game versions.

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