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Popgroups.ymt Generator for Natural Add On Traffic

  • If, like me, you have far too many dlc packs, all of which fighting for control of your popgroups.ymt file, you're no doubt fed up of half your add-on vehicles not spawning in traffic.

    There are many traffic spawners out there that will drop random DLC vehicles near you, but none feel quite natural, like they were meant to be there.

    Obviously the only way around this is to modify the popgroups.ymt file manually, but who's got time to sift through some 8000 lines of code? (Seriously, the original file has 8641 lines).

    Well do I have the tool for you!

    The Popgroups Generator is a tool that will find every single vehicle currently in your copy of the game, and create, from scratch, brand new code for your popgroups.ymt file.

    There is a full readme included which provides a walkthrough of how to use the file. Here is a basic overview of what it does:

    • Reads every single vehicle used the last time GTA V was played and displays them all in the main table

    • Finds all vehgroups in the currently stored poplist.ymt (this is vanilla by default)

    • Allows you to generate a new table based off the poplist.ymt in your modded game (particularly useful for those using VWE or WOV)

    • Individually select what vehgroups every single vehicle in game belongs to, if any.

    • Pulls a list of all vanilla vehicles from the web to ensure it is always up to date.

    • Autosaving after code is generated to prevent it being lost

    • Hard default that can be reverted to if things go horribly wrong!

    Full installation instructions are included in the Readme file, but it is simply a case of dropping the .xslm into your game folder.

    ikt's Addon Spawner is required, that contains the logs that the generator refers to when pulling the vehicle lists (available: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/add-on-vehicle-spawner)

    I have extensively tested this and am currently using traffic spawned in using the generated code without issue, I strongly recommend modifying the settings.xml in My Documents/Grand Theft Auto V to make full use of the increased number of vehicles available to spawn, full details of how to do this are in the readme.

    Huuuge thank you to ikt for pointing out the log in his Addon Spawner mod, and also to DurtyFree for providing the link to his vanilla vehicle list, without either of these things there would be a lot of manual work needed by you to make the generator work!

    I have done all I can to make this as user friendly as possible, if you have any suggestions or problems please send me a message or leave a comment and I will do what I can to implement the change. I've spent about a week writing 800 lines of vba code in order to help you spend 30 seconds writing 10,000 lines of xml code, so please do get in touch first if you have any problems before leaving a bad review!

    Download Link

  • To add to this I am now working on a complementary popcycle generator. I have it to a point where it can read and parse the data from an existing popcycle, the problem I am having at the moment is presenting that in a user friendly fashion. Right now I have a table of all the vehgroups and the areas on the map, duplicated for each of the 12 time groups, within the table the percentage dedicated to that vehgroup is written. Users can either re-populate the table to get the traffic levels they want, or even change the names of the vehgroups in order to have a wider variety of the types of vehicle the game will load

    Thoughts and input will be greatly appreciated

  • First off, congrats on the release and for the initiative as a whole.

    What I would suggest is adding full support of custom popgroups/popcycles entries. Including both vehicles and pedestrians.

    My current project in the works contains numerous custom groups in both files and I would be very grateful for a more efficient way to streamline part of my workload that way.

    Have a nice day.

  • @grateful_for_mods

    I have put my main focus on vehicles as I don't personally see the merit in ped variety, but given the universality of the generator, I don't see why it couldn't be implemented. only sticking point is that of the 8000 or so lines of code in the vanilla popgroups file, 6000 of them are dedicated to peds. at present the generator just copies that directly, then generates it own code for the vehgroups. Including that would naturally increase processing time at least 4 times.

    In other news, my popcycle generator is now able to generate the basic format of the code required, next step is to have it able to copy the spawn percentages and ped values from the original popcycle for each time stamp, then I can move onto getting the code to write brand new values based on the inputs from each of the time sheets


  • Some good progress this evening, generator now successfully copies ped data for every schedule without fail. Next step is to have the generator read data inputted on each time tab and use that to write the last section of each schedule. With that done the popcycle generator will be functionally complete


  • 0_1588809880506_upload-62d16b4e-adc5-4cde-961d-07c8809ee90c

    Triple post because I'm that good. Generator is now able to create a complete popcycle generated from the inputs given to it, and is able to modify its input tables based on a new popcycle given to it, much like the popgroup generator (useful if you have WOV or VWE installed. Going to leave it here for tonight, check back for details as I progress later in the week. Next step is to allow users to modify the vehgroups and have that automatically copied across all time stamps

  • 0_1588892855004_upload-cc240ad3-f38b-4ef6-9cf4-28f01a650166

    It works! Generator now copies the data from each of the 12 timestamp tables and creates code that (eventually) works in the game!

    Next step is to find a way to make this as user friendly as possible, as at the moment it relies on users individually selecting vehgroups for each of the 115 areas defined in the game, for each of the 12 time stamps.

  • Everything seems to be working smoothly now, I will be creating a brand new set of vehgroups for my own game for more realistic traffic levels and spawn probability, would people rather me include those vehgroups as a basis for the popcycle generator or leave it with all the vanilla values for everyone to modify to their own preferences?

  • Leaving it vanilla would be "better" imo, but if you can include yours as an optional base then thatd be ideal

  • @LevelDockSix_ that was my thinking also, just include a popcycle.ymt that can be pasted into the workbook if requested.

    The Popcycle generator is now completed as far as I can tell. I need to stress test it and put the completed code in my own game to be certain it works as expected, and that the integration with it I put in the popgroups generator also works as expected.

    With that complete I will be able to modify the README file and upload V2.0 to the main site.

  • Brilliant work, man.

    I am not sure that I follow though. Will the final iteration have both custom vehicle and ped popgroups or only vehicle groups?

    To me ped variety is essential to my overhaul since I use a ton of rare peds in a number of custom scenario types and ambient wandering entries.

    Once again, thank you for your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

  • @grateful_for_mods at present it is only designed to modify the vehicles, however if you have a modded popcycle with your own custom pedgroups then you can paste that into the generator, and the code returned will retain that, adding the modded vehicle sets to the back of it

  • Right I seem to have it all working nicely, however the actual filling of the sheets are a very labourious and time consuming process, I'm going to add the option to automate that if preferred. My initial idea is to have the user fill the sheet with the schedule probabilities on the first time stamp (midnight) then ask the user for each vehgroup if it is more or less common during the day. The sheet can then use those answers to generate ramped scheduling to raise and lower the probability accordingly throughout the time stamps. It will result in a less 'personalised' schedule, but it will reduce processing time by 90%, and you can always modify the resulting schedules afterwards before having it write out the code.

    If anyone can think of a better way to run this please feel free to hit me with ideas.

  • It's been a long couple of days, but I've got it working quite nicely now. I have a few little things to tidy up, then I need a new/additional ReadMe file to explain how the popcycle generator works.

    I've got the generated popcycle and popgroup both running in my game now, and they are working very well. There is an FPS hit if you take the piss with the amount of different popgroups you have, particularly if you've got several in the same schedule area. I'm running an i5 with a GTX1050ti and 8Gb RAM, with a shade over 1000 vehicles in the game, and have gone from consistent 60fps to mostly 60fps with lows of 40fps in densely populated areas.

    I think there are a few things in both files that are beyond my current understanding, that could improve things massively if changed, however to maintain reliability I have left those parts well alone

  • alt text

    I may have ballsed this up slightly

  • It has been released:

    Turns out the last screenshot was because I left the "ECLIPSE" line totally blank thinking it was referring to the online eclipse towers. As it turns out, leaving a group blank forces the game to spawn zero traffic, and Construction Peds by default.

  • thank you for the update :yum: gonna have some fun with this

  • How can I debug this? Getting overflow and other different errors when using my WoV popgroups.

    I'm a dev, but have no clue about Excel macros.

  • Hey, looks like this thing is broken when using WoV.

    Not sure why but the popcycle generator is giving error 1004

  • So I can use this mod to separately add vehicles?

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