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Game Crashes every after mission or two, plus a slight pause on first car entry

  • Hello, my game crashes everytime after a mission, and the Rockstar Game Launcher says that GTA has exited unexpectedly.

    I'm running the latest version of GTA V (1.0.1868.1) on Steam, and about 25 add-on car mods, Realistic Driving 2.5 and other scripts (Manual Transmission, Heap Adjuster, Pop Up Headlights) and Trainers (Menyoo and NativeUI). My gameconfig is from F7YO, and I'm running the 0.1x ones. ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and OpenIV are using the latest versions as well.

    For reference, I'm running a 2GB GTX 750Ti and 12GB of RAM, as well as an i5 processor.

    On Windows Event Viewer, it says that its an Application Error and the source is a .NET Runtime issue, even though I've updated everything. (Visual Studio Redistributables, .NET Framework 4.8, Graphics Card Drivers (NVIDIA 445.75)

    Here is the pastebin. (https://pastebin.com/nZUJhR9U)

    And I've also noticed that upon loading the game, when I enter a car, be it vanilla or add-on, the game freezes for a bit.

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    @potatochipsdoe hate to say this but I have to tested every possible solution to this problem. I have come to the conclusion that any modding causes the game to crash after a while. Only way I have been able to play for a hour straight was vanilla. Add in my plugins and scripts not a problem. But the second I put anything in the mods folder eventually it will crash.

    With everything backed up I'm about to try installing directly to the game folder. My game crashes started happening in February out of nowhere without installing anything and I have been pulling my hair out since. I have noticed a large amount of people also experiencing this crash.

  • @potatochipsdoe I'm not the brightest amongst people but I'd like to make some input.

    With regards to getting inside cars, be it add on or vanilla, I get the game freeze also. Doesn't bother me too much because it kinda just acts like a frame drop. Is that what you're experiencing?

    I'm also just using a GTX 750 2GB, not the Ti version. So relatively speaking, our graphics cards are just too ancient ;\

    When it comes to crashes after missions, I've had that problem before, but I found a fix by disabling the "disable despawn of DLC cars" in my Enhanced Native Trainer.

    I would suggest you to try to complete that said mission using only base GTA V. Meaning, disable everything but the base game itself. No mods, no add ons, no nothing. Easiest way to do this without deleting anything would be to rename the dinput8.dll to something like dinput8xxx_.dll to disable it for a while and check to see if your mission would still get an error upon completion.

    If the problem persists, you have no choice but to create a new mods folder and delete your old one. Judging by your post, you have very few mods installed, mostly scripts and add-ons. So it wouldn't be much of a trouble to create a new mods folder. Just remember to backup your dlclist and your dlcpacks folder so you wouldn't have to copy 40gb worth of dlcpacks into a new mods folder.

    After doing that, try to complete the mission again. If your game still crashes, well then I think you should try and verify game files with steam and see if that'll fix the problem.

    I hope my ignorance is of some help to you. :)

  • @Shieldsver I will try this out. Although my crashes happen upon completion of every two missions or so, not just on one specific mission.

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