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Singleplayer Roleplaying mod

  • Sadly the only one I can find is lspdfr but I really don't have any interest in playing as an officer. I just want a mod where I can create a character and interact with stuff. Nothing much, just like being able to buy property and such.

    I mean what I really want is an online experience in singleplayer. Again, sadly the only thing like this is FiveM but that's not really my thing.. plus all the good character creation scripts are locked behind servers that do not release them to the public.

  • Depending on how specific you get, there's not a dedicated mod in the same vein as LSPDFR. You're going to have to combine several different scripts to piece together a "realism" series, if that makes sense. There's a ton of scripts that let you do non-violent stuff, from delivering pizzas to driving trucks and going to school. As for a character creation script, I'd look around for the latest version of Skin Control. You can use anything related to the MP character through that trainer and basically save your own created model. Those are just some recommendations off the top of my head though.

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