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A mod which lets you fully access Michael De Santa's house and enhances it too

  • I have an Idea for a mod which would basically allow access to all locked doors in Michael's house i.e. the door next to Jimmy's room and a door inside the bedroom which probably is for the balcony.

    Those doors are shut and you can't open them how about editing the map so that there's another room next to Jimmy's with something cool in it.

    And also allow you to go to the balcony from Michael's bedroom from the door that's currently unaccessible.

    And I've also heard that in his house there's a hidden basement that doesn't have a door but it's behind a wall (you can access it if you're using some mod which takes your character through walls) .How 'bout making it accessible too??

    And yeah also make Michael's swimming pool a bit deep so you can actually swim in it.

    I can't do coding but I can do any basic stuff so I'd appreciate if someone can create this mod or provide me with the knowledge to make this possible for me to do.

    And I'll help you in making it if I can in anyway

  • you can use this mod to open the balcony doors in Michael's room. Also, there's no hidden basement in Michael's house, but you can use this mod

  • @death7991 Thanks it’s awesome

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