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Improvement that must be done

  • Don't you really think that these handling, sound and some paint job mods should be in a different category..
    I'm sick of my mods getting pushed down because of these stuff that no one downloads..
    I don't think I'll post something again until this problem gets solved...


    @ahmeda1999 We're aware of the problem it causes to most of the site uploaders (like you) and there's actually a discussion in the private Staff discord channels about which measures we will take to fix this as soon as possible.

    For now, all the latest and massive handling mod uploads are being handled by the authors with our indications. Here's an example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-handling-by-chunli

    We have actually reached a general idea which will probably be easy to implement as it would be something 95% visual (which speeds up the process by a lot if done that way) but that will get all of us (users and Staff in general) happy. Is still not decided as there should be a "final" decision (consensus among all the moderators) before implementing it but looks like will be the best option (at least for now).

    About the sound mod uploads they're not being uploaded massively. It's true that lately there are more sound mods than before (specially for vehicles) but they will be handled later with the site changes.

    Hopefully we will reach a consensus soon :)

    If you guys have ideas that you would like to share with us for that purpose, please let us know here or in the discord server (link in my signature) and we will make sure to hear and valuate them.

  • You guys did nice job lately, this new method of making all handling and sound mods in one link for every author is a good start!

    Hopefully authors will stick with this method in the future.

    Also the category looks way cleaner now!

  • @Reyser my idea when looking on page could be:

    • 1. Change featured files to the most downloaded files these week but keep the style of changing container + 4containers in collumn on side for manual choose.

      • 1.1. I would aswell add that collumn with 4 containers on the left side so there would be 8 most downloaded files showing. Move it to the middle so there would be aswell filled that free space on the side which is there now
    • 2. Delete most downlaoded files colllumns and make latest files for 4 collumns so even with a lot of low mods added, the good ones would stay on main page for longer time.

    • 3. Other way could be to make uploads as handling and other 'settings' based files which don't need photos showing just like list without photos. But it would need a bit more brainstorming how to manage 2 different uploads styles (so site will not push him to upload pics or anything like that). Then all this files should have own category coz once it could stay in 'vehicles' for example you can't see mods with photos and mods without photos together, that would look like chaos on the screen.

      • 3.1. In this case I would edit home page as only 3 collumns of last uplaoded mods + 1 collumns of last uploaded settings mods (or however it could be named)

    That's my idea when I look in short on page and this topic. It may be totally useless, but maybe it would help you to find any good ways, you never know, so I wrote it :grin:

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