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Liberty Rewind texture problem

  • Hello, i have a big problem with my mods since i've added Liberty Rewind to my game.
    The problem is that my textures are glitchy on my addon vehicles, and on the Liberty City map and i just don't know why!
    I'm using mods folder, and I don't use NVR..
    (excuse me for my bad english, im french and I do my best..)

  • Add on cars and other add ons have hd textures. Meaning your game is having a problem loading all the textures because most of the loading power of the textures are being diverted to the add-on cars and other add ons.

  • @Shieldsver i've solved my problem, a mod was incompatible with LC

  • Hi, @Eden i am having the same issue, i installed Liberty city mod, it works well, but the addon cars textures look weird, how did you solved it.

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