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New to site. Looking for direction.

  • Hey Guys..so im new to the site as mentioned. And very interested in the modding world. I havent done anything in the way of modding. I also wasnt aware that this site doesn't discuss console versions of GTA. Which is all i have unfortunately. But, very willing to purchase all things needed to play via PC.
    I guess im looking for a mentor to guide me through the process.
    First question would be...is my normal Laptop ok for modding?

    greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    @HFDFirewood Laptop specs?

  • windows 8.1 64 bit operating system. 525 GB free space.

    thanks for reply

    sorry, only reply every 600 seconds?

  • @HFDFirewood First of all, hope you kidding with that specs reply :D write RAM, core and GPU that is in your laptop please lmao.

    1. you can use mods on any pc that run GTA, there is then just question how high graphic settings, graphic enchancements and how much mods it would be able to hold. I was modding on my old PC, I just had to have graphic on normal, so no ultra 4K graphic available, but was able to learn modding and use mods :thumbsup_tone3:

    2. This website on it's own is your mentor guiding you to learn modding! (: just take your time, don't ask tons of questions before you try to seach for answer on this site and google, ask once you didn't found answer yourself (show everyone that you have that desire to learn it). Browse tutorials category and learn it step by step using tutorials in here + some video tutorials on youtube. Allways make backups and learn by your own mistakes aswell (this would learn you most, will consume more time but anyway would give you best experiences). Once you can't find solution of your problem, don't hesitate to ask on forum. But then don't forgot on these steps please, as once you in angry or rush, you may forgot how to ask properly = no one would like to reply = no help :pray_tone3:

    3. welcome in pc gaming world and modding, hope you enjoy mods and community here (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    Cant thank you enough for the info.
    i have intel(R) core (TM) i3-3227u GPU @ 1.90 GHz

  • Now just need a copy of GTA5 for pc. Hard to locate anything now with COVID-19 resrrictions. Mods work for a digital download copy?

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    Yes they do. I have a steam version and am running multiple mods. It took a lot of learning and trial and error to get to that point.

  • @QBit07
    Awesome. Actually just downloaded Steam. Going through setup. GTA 5 copy is $29.95 CDN.
    I assume it will take some time to DL

  • @HFDFirewood that's pretty old grandpaPC :grin: :P just kidding, you can still use lower graphic and learn on it :thumbsup_tone3: I spend half a year by learning on my i5 with gtx650i before I bought gamer laptop (: and yes, once you buy it then you can download it. I was downloading it aswell even that I have CDs coz I don't have CDrom lmao :face_palm_tone3:

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    Again....thanks for help! Have it downloading right now. I have a lot to learn.
    I tell ya...some youtube vids are just amazing. I really like the police role playing.

  • anyone with any info on how to use a ps3 controller with pc?

  • @WGotch07 I never knew that O_O

    I even wanted to use a logitech controller for PC. Will that work? Or do I need to configure it to emulate an xbox controller?

  • @Shieldsver Depends on the controller. My $20 logitech controller has a switch to change between PlayStation and Xbox modes, so the controller can be used with both systems. If yours has that switch, set it to Xbox mode. If it doesn't, check your manual/online to see what your controller supports.

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    DS4Windows by Ryochan is also a good option for connecting Sony controllers. I use it for my Dualshock 4.

  • @Jitnaught I'll keep that in mind friend!

    @WGotch07 That too! Thanks!

  • i got it to work!
    Have another problem!...Ugh. Sorry.
    Seems my old grandpa pc didnt take the GTA download quite well. Game is practically unplayable. Very laggy and pauses. Damn it! So, now im looking to purchase a gaming pc.
    Want something good but budget friendly. And looking for a stand alone package. Not looking to build a pc. Can someone give insight to what i should look for?
    Thanks for any help.

  • @HFDFirewood Well, if you want something budget-friendly and runs fast, MSI, Cyberpower and Omen pcs are great. Look for gtx 1060 and up or rx 560 and up graphics cards.

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