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ScriptHookV can't see NativeUI

  • Hey,
    Im new in ScriptHookV and NativeUI.
    Im trying to add Menu to my GTAV and i add using NativeUI to top of my code but when i add my script to "scripts" folder (where i have NativeUI.dll too) then when i start GTAV in ScriptHookV console i have error that ScriptHookV can't find NativeUI...alt text
    I add NativeUI.dll to references in Visual Studio
    In GTAV folder i have:

    In "scripts" folder i have

    My code:
    https://pastebin.com/Mr9FzShB (I delete some code (no important))

  • pretty sure you need to add ScriptHookVDotNet.asi to your game folder as well. hope it helps.

  • To use NativeUI you must compile your mod. Raw .cs files don't have access to NativeUI.

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