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Help! Creating dynamic doors with codewalker with proper lighting effects and spawing peds in ymaps

  • So, I’ve been trying to make ymaps and I’ve grasped the basic concept now to create the awesome mods I need your help.

    So, how is it possible to make custom ped spawn points in GTA 5 with ymaps or anyway so that they load into the actual map of the game.Please guide me on how I can do this.

    An example if you didn’t understand, I want to spawn a clown on mount chiliad which attacks as soon as it sees me (any of the three characters). Guide me on how I can do this.

    The other thing I want to do is add dynamic doors inside interiors which are openable and interactible like normal doors, how I can I create those and add proper lighting effects to them so that they blend into the game and feel like they’ve been a part of the game from the beginning.
    Please tell me how to make this.

    Help me with these two issues fellow modders

    Appreciate your help

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