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LOD for a whole terrain? LOD models in single or multiple files?

  • So I’m looking to create an Island in GTA 5. I’m running into a problem.

    I have a 3d model of the terrain of an island. Now, should I create different LOD models for it for performance concerns? Does a whole terrain also have LODs for it?

    And If I do create LODs for an in-game object do I store them as different files in the RPFs? Or are all LOD models saved in the same file?

    Because I don’t know much about GTA 5’s file formats inside RPFs, I’d really appreciate some help here and I promise if I’m successful, I’ll come up with an amazing mod for the GTA community


    You might benefit from going through Dekurwinator's tutorials on YT and available in his discord

    you find some links in
    Quick Overview for Map Modding Tutorials

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