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GTA 5 does not start with Open IV 4.0?

  • GTA 5 does not start with Open IV 4.0?

    Hello my dears!

    I bought the GTA 5 days online (not the steam version) ... because I was really keen on driving with the mod cars. Accordingly, I looked at certain tutorials that should enable the use of mod cars. After following all the instructions, the game shits as soon as I choose Load story mode. Then, after the elimination process, I gradually checked which new installation leads to it. The fact is: as soon as I have Open IV asiloader / openiv.asi ect in the main folder, the game shits off. If I delete all Open IV files from the GTA 5 main folder it works again. Say: the story mode loads and I can play. Who has an idea?

  • Do you have scripthook installed and scripthookdotnet too? They need to be installed to get mods working along with a proper gameconfig as well

  • @BuguBugu The same thing happesns to me

  • turn off your VPN

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