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Incompatible mods to LSPDFR

  • Hey guys.

    I'm planning to install LSPDFR, but I'm kinda scared cause it might mess up my whole game and render it unplayable.

    Do guys know of any mods incompatible with it? Here's a list of mods I have installed :

    VisualV + NVR
    Enhanced Native Trainer-
    Heap Adjuster-
    Menyoo Trainer-
    Map Editor-
    Drag Meets-
    Crime and Police Rebalance Enhancement (CPRE)
    Added Traffic-
    Inverse Power-
    Manual Transmission-
    Smooth Throttle-
    Auto Blinkers Steering Edition-
    NFSU Speedometer-
    Pull me over-
    Human Needs
    Custom Camera V-
    In Game Screenshot-
    Vehicle Central lock
    Personal Stripper
    Backfire sounds OIV
    Persistence II
    ENB + ReShade

    Any replies would be appreciated. I miss being a cop in LS. :p

  • Banned

    You don't need pull me over since you have ENT which has a road laws option.

  • @QBit07 but with ENT you automatically get wanted stars right? Unlike the pull me over :O correct me if im wrong please

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