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Installed my first mod. How do I play online?

  • I'm paranoid about getting banned so I want to make sure I am doing things properly before I even start the game up.

    I installed OpenIV and then created the mods folder. I copied over updates folder into mods and deleted all dlc content from dlc folder. I then installed package. Bass Dragon's Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul. I wanted the Gta IV euphoria physics back in the game because it's so much more fun to watch. I did all that according to a youtube video from Dryder Mataroa on youtube.

    I haven't seen anywhere what precautions to take though if I want to play online. I have the Steam version of GTA5. Do I just simply choose to play single player and that's that? Do I need to disable the mods folder somehow before going into online? Do I create a copy of the original install folder without the mods folder and start the game from there if I want to play online? I'm not sure what to do after installing the mod to ensure I don't get banned somehow.

  • Turn off ASI Loader to play online, and if you wanna go back to SP with Mods, Renable Mod Loader.

  • Verify your game Cache and delete your mods folder, you want a clean GTA V install, then copy it and name the clean one "Grand Theft Auto V.clean" and the one you want to use for mods
    "Grand Theft Auto V.modded" and add mods there, to play the game, go to the folder you want, let's say, you want to play online.
    Keep the modded folder with the suffix, "Grand Theft Auto V.modded" and remove the suffix from the clean one, "Grand Theft Auto V.clean" --> "Grand Theft Auto V" as Steam will only run the one with the "Grand Theft Auto V" name, without one of them being that, the game won't launch, that's why I suggest having 2 copies of the game so you can switch easily without any problems.

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