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SWAT Van with 4 to 8 seats spawnable by dispatched AI

  • Hey, i'm trying to make some kind of squad for my SWAT dispatch, but there are only two vehicles that spawns more than 2 peds on dispatch : fbi (4 peds) and fbi2 (3 peds).

    -The fbi (Buffalo) isn't realistic with a team of SWAT, so I tried finding a replacement with 4 spawnable seats for it that looks bigger/stronger/more badass, but all the addons replacement are 2 seats max.

    -The fbi2 (van) is quite nice but it spawns empty inside (1 ped) and 2 peds hanging outside. Lack of realism here. Without forgetting that it is not bulletproof.

    I would love to have a fbi2-like van vehicle full of SWAT team, that once dispatched, will deploy a full team of badass SWAT. I'm surprised not to see any of these around. Someone with modding skills interested ?

    Thanks !

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