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GTA 5 mod limit

  • I was wondering, what is the GTA 5 mod limit i can run on my Predator Helios 500 Laptop on my 1TB D drive,
    anyone know please?

  • There is no "limit" per say. There are limits to the amount of DLCs/RPFs you can add to the game. And obviously another limit is your FPS when using graphic or vehicle mods. But there are no limits to the amount of scripts you can install.

    We have no idea what your computer can handle without knowing what mods you're installing.

  • @Jitnaught
    I am using a GTX 1070 Video card and 16 gigs of memory 2666 speed, i had to store GTA5 and steam
    library and vortex on a 1Tb d drive. My gaming laptop is a Predator Helios 500 the i7 version also
    there is a i9 version.

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