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  • Hi Guys! So, I went into the modding scene a week back, and I am appalled at the absence of a proper one stop guide for Modding the game. I am the kind of gamer who likes to run an assortment of mods, a mix of visuals, Gameplay Additions, Vehicle Addons, as well as added missions, you get the Idea! So It would be a great help, If anyone could provide a working list of "ALL MODS" compatible with the latest game version ie. 1.0.1868.0. If the individual authors could take some time and contribute any insight at all, a lot of players will benefit from the article. I have put in over 65 hours, and still have crashes and compatibility issues with some of the mods. HELP GUYS!

    P.S:- I have a working knowledge of modding GTA v , and am strictly looking for a working mods list, compatible with the latest version of the game, and with each other! Thank you all!

    P.S.S:- I have also read all the pinned posts and most of the comments sections, as well as descriptions, but I find it extremely Information deficient, and superficial.

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