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Can't add files to OpenIV (yes I have checked I'm in edit mode)

  • I've started figuring out how to mod GTA V, I've managed to get it working with mods that are automatically installed with OpenIV but there are a few mods I want that require me to put .ytd files directly into a specific place. This is fine, but it won't work. I am definitely in edit mode and copy and pasting will not work. Even if I click the "add new file" button it still won't add the files. I don't know what to do because every page I read about it just says you're probably not in edit mode, but this isn't the issue.

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    You can't drag and drop? Maybe use the replace option? Right click on the file you want to replace in OpenIV and select replace from the context menu.

  • Found your solution, do not try to drag and drop a file within a zip file, unzip or extract the file first then add it.

  • @Raffahell very timely response, only 3 years later.

    If the OP can't figure out how to install a ytd why would you suggest he's trying to copy over a zip file? How would he even know there is a ytd in the zip unless it was extracted first? Sure, he could peek and take a look but that's Modding 201, for more advanced users.

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