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STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error when entering buildings.

  • My GTA is modded with visualv, quite a few add on cars and simple native trainer (so nothing too crazy). However it appears that whenever i enter somewhere with an interior my game just kicks me to the launcher. When I start up the game i spawn in franklins house and if i try to enter his room where you change clothes it crashes. It also happens in gas stations, the barbershop and clothing store. ive sometimes got it to crash by driving far away from my spawn location. Each time i crash it always has the same error. Heres an extract from the crash log where i spawned in and tried to walk into franklins room to change clothes:

    [2020-04-16 18:38:26.697] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [statuschecker] Title Grand Theft Auto V: No update
    [2020-04-16 18:38:26.714] [DISPLAY] [Admin] [statuschecker] Title Rockstar Games Launcher: No update
    [2020-04-16 18:38:26.718] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of 'https://gamedownloads-rockstargames-com.akamaized.net/public/legacy_titles.json'
    [2020-04-16 18:38:27.041] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of 'https://gamedownloads-rockstargames-com.akamaized.net/public/legacy_titles.json' (status: 0/200)
    [2020-04-16 18:38:27.044] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Starting download of 'https://gamedownloads-rockstargames-com.akamaized.net/public/title_metadata.json'
    [2020-04-16 18:38:27.316] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [idownloader] Completed download of 'https://gamedownloads-rockstargames-com.akamaized.net/public/title_metadata.json' (status: 0/200)
    [2020-04-16 18:38:27.374] [DISPLAY] [Workr] [statuschecker] Title Grand Theft Auto V: No update
    [2020-04-16 18:41:27.012] [DISPLAY] [ 848] [gamelaunch] Game exited with code 0xc0000005 (3221225477)
    [2020-04-16 18:41:27.017] [DISPLAY] [ 848] [crashdetection] Game left no exit file.
    [2020-04-16 18:41:27.017] [ ERROR ] [ 848] [crashdetection] Exit code 0xc0000005 indicates a fatal game exit (reason: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)

    Some of my PC specs if it helps:
    Ryzen 5 3600X
    RTX 2070 Super
    16GB DDR4
    So I think my system can handle the game easily, Not entirely sure what the error means but i do know it always happens when trying to go inside anywhere and when starting missions. Ive looked up the error code but i cant find someone who can recreate the crash indefinitely in game. Any help or soloutions would be appreciated, thanks.

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