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Modding and vortex mod manager

  • i just wondering, i have vortex mod manager i download a long time ago from the nexus site
    and its still on my desktop.

    vortex can have multiple, games with there mods, so are mods from this GTA 5 mods site compatible
    with vortex, well regarding Skyrim special edition, which i installed from steam to vortex and download
    from Bethesda, and they showed up on vortex mod manager as well as from the Nexus site as well.

    if Bethesdas mods shows up on vortex, then the mods i download from this GTA5 mods.com site
    should work as well, does anyone know and verify my theiry yes or no.

  • Vortex does not support GTA V as far as I know.

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