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GTA 5 to vortex

  • well it took 20 hrs to install GTA 5 on steam, then i was able to install GTA 5 in my latest version of vortex, the
    i was able to install ScriptHookV as well, also openlV that was in my download section on vortex, but when i
    try to enable i get a message GTA5 not installed but i spent 20hrs installing GTA5, also in mods section ScriptHookV
    also 2 Skyrim SE mods that will not remove, so i went to uninstall and reinstall vortex from the nexus, also i went to
    uninstall and reinstall GTA5 on my steam library, i dont know why is it so.

    Also the mods i download from GTA5mods from this site, all the zip files i opened and extract, then i try to drag into Vortex
    which it does, i thought that was a great idea because vortex sorts out mods, which mods over writes which goes first.
    well i hope it will be successful. wonder what would happen if clash Skyrim se mods with GTA 5 Seranaholic in GTA5.

    Michael goes on a Quest to search For auriels bow in Los Santos with Serana to defeat Lord Harkon, only Joking.:disappointed_relieved:

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