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Blender 2.79 to GTA5

  • I want to ask can i create a mod using Blender, and export to GTA V, because as i been using Planet coaster
    and use the creation tool, and export to Blender2.79, as planet coaster can customise 22 differant hybrid
    coasters wooden ones, hyper, Launcher coasters as well up to 250 meters high limit, far much better ones then that babies rollercoaster on GTA5

  • Having used Blender in my work many times over, I know that exporting objects to and from other software definitely is possible... In fact, I wondered if it can be exported and "rooted" into GTA somehow.

    But on the other hand, I keep seeing that ZModeler is GTA's "modeler-du-jour", so whatever is built, I guess it should go through that program and only then planted into the game...

  • @TheMurderousCricket

    I have just downloaded the latest Blender2.82a for free to keep forever, well i am only new to Blender, there are
    a lot of tutorial, but as for Planet Coaster i still take time to get use to, rollercoasters not as hard, Gigger roller coaster
    i gave it a shot, and others as well.

  • @Bowling270 In that case, I wish you lots of luck. Blender is a fantastic tool for object creation and possibilities are endless.

    Just watch out for the vertex count. A good quality, realistic objects (smoother ones, compared to clunky, cubic ones) may become really heavy on memory and disk space if you don't keep it in check...

  • I am in the process building a High end desktop PC

    I have already own 128 gigs or DDR4 Rams, 3200 speed 8 x Corsair vengence LPX so memory will not be an issue. Also i have a 1200 watt power supply by corsair, also a TR4 designare motherboard 8 dim slots and supports up to the AMD
    TR4 32 core workstation CPU WX2990, also up to 4 X Quadro RTX 8000 or the Quadro GV100, or i could go for 2 Nvidia RTX
    2080Ti GPUs in sli, i thinking also using all Samsungs 4Tb SSD pro, 2 x 4K or 8K 32" monitors, for the mouse Logitec Lightspeed G903 and a Razer Blackwidow elite key board.

    Also i have Unreal Engine 4.24 and Twinmotion as well as Blender 2.82a now.

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