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What is the most efficient methods to film and screenshooting?

  • I am making a return to GTAV but I always found the current photomode to be excessively lacking. Spend few days to learn tools and mods but I haven't found anything that satisfied my needs.

    I installed so far, Menyoo, scripthook, Advanced Camera mod, and few others that I forgot the names.

    What I am looking for are mods that can:
    freely fly the camera off the character, with control of Depth of Field (bokeh) and controls of FoV on the fly without going to the director mode. Smooth mouse or game controller paning or straffing is a nice to have also.

    If despite all of this I still need to go into director mode, what mods should I look into to make the experience more bearable?

    I want to be able to do things somewhat similar to this:

    Thanks in advance.

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