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Turn off livery on modded police cars

  • So, I'm working a lot on the dispatch.meta recently, and right now I'm trying to make a dispatch of undercover FBI peds. I found the peds, but I'm having troubles to find the cars.
    Except reworked vanilla cars transformed to unmarked, there doesn't seem to be a lot non-ELS that are working properly.
    I don't use ELS because it doesn't seem to be usefull for the AI in single player mod without LSPDFR.
    Most of the amazing modded, non-ELS cars are marked.

    • Is it possible to take off the livery so I can use the basic color pattern of a car while keeping the police lights ? (Making it an unmarked/undercover car)
    • If not, can ELS for a non-LSPDFR user be usefull ? (Dispatched/Spawned from popgroup law vehicles can use it ?)

    Thanks !

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