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HELP!!!!!! gta 5 closes unexpectedly !Steam Version!

  • So i came back to PC after a while and i had a ton of mods downloaded and worked perfectly. Now i guess there is a new launcher for the game which blows. Iv re downloaded GTA V 2 times and validated the game files countless times. Iv downloaded the newest updated script hook V and the Menyo mod menu which we are all familiar with and the newest version of the ScriptHookVDotNet dll file thingy as well. Nothing seems to work as soon as i load the game up for story mode obviously the game crashes and says GTA V has closed unexpectedly. All i want to work is the Menyoo mod menu i don't want any other mods at this point in time. So if anybody can please help me with just getting Menyo mod menu to work will be greatly appreciated. With me posting this thread my game will be fresh and vanilla with no mods downloaded at all just the basic game that starts up no problem. So if any body can please help me download the Menyo Mod menu with no start up issues would be greatly appreciated thank you.

    P.S yes i am a little bit of a computer newb so please bare with me.

  • Try reading the stickied posts and FAQs. You'll find everything you need to know.

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