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P100% Save Game Download Does not work, PLZ HELP!!

  • I am running the 1.0.1868.0 version of the game, And till date, have tried over 15 save games, and none of which show in game. I specifically installed the crack version, thinking that it might be a problem with my steam version, but the same problem, even after pasting the game save, and .Bak file, the game only shows my save, the 100% save is not being detected. Please Help!
    P.S:- I have tried everything I could find on the Internet, including but not limited to Removing all my saves from the profile folder, the game still detects my saves (Even after deleting) and not the downloaded save.

    I already completed the game a few years back, and have modded the game, so some missions crash, and the game is not completable, and I have failed to find a proper game config to address the issue. So a 100% save game is the only way for me to enjoy a modded los santos. (Dilapidated game config doesn't even start the game. I modified sone pool sizes, upper limits, and base limits, and managed to make the game playable, but the evangelical guest setups crash the game)

  • I turned off cloud backup, deleted all my cloud saves, and local saves in documents, and in program data, the game still loads my save...That can only mean the game is saving the data in a different folder, but for the love of god, I could not figure out which! Any help at all will be appreciated guys!

  • @WGotch07 I have both! I can work with both the steam and the cracked version. Downgrading won't work because some of the mods will stop working, which is my ultimate goal...I completed the game on my PlayStation, Can I transfer my save from PS4 to PC Steam? Or the hard way will be to dual install the game, but that I kept as a last resort, as I have 4TB of storage, and only 55 GB free!

  • @WGotch07 I downloaded the cracked version to debug compatibility of multiple mods...It's easier there! Anyways, I loved the game so much, I bought 2 copies for both the PS4 and PC! Once I am done experimenting, and learning, I'll remove the cracked one! Thanks for the help👍!! I'll try and post back!

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