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Franklin player model is bugged

  • Franklin's model seems to be bugged. He is not holding weapons correctly (making it impossible to aim in first person) and his mouth won't move. Weapons hover slightly above the hands when held. Hand animations don't work.

    I am using weapon texture mods, a couple of add-on peds and vehicles. I use Menyoo as my trainer too, with no other scripts. My PC is powerful enough to run the game smoothly at high settings. Not sure why any of these mods would cause my problem (and they don't - I removed them all).

    Is there a setting that I might have accidentally changed in a trainer that is causing this, or do I have to reinstall?


  • the common reason would be because of downloading a mod for franklin such as clothing/face etc.
    if you downloaded the mods in your mods folder you could rename the "mods" folder into something like "modss"
    now allt he mods have been disabled if you still have the problem you could try using a trainer (menyoo for example) to change the model back to franklin maybe that works.

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