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zmodeler texture problem

  • Hi. Can u tell me how can i make this stripes and text as a secondary color of the car and the rest of the body as a primary color ? https://prnt.sc/s28wcp 1 I want to make this stripes and text white and the rest of the car black

    Something like this:

    Primary color - https://prnt.sc/s29jod
    Secondary - https://prnt.sc/s29jrk (stripes)

    How can i separate the layer with stickers and stripes from the rest of the car color ?
    Finally i want this car to have changeable primary color (whole car painting without stripes and text) and secondary (with color of stripes and text painting)


    How can i make black color transparent ? When i make a template with white stripes, text and import it to the zmodeler white color is transparent. Eventually make this stripes and text permamently white.

  • change the stripes material to vehicle paint 2

  • then ?

  • @edzik then export it

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